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Meet Whitney Timmers

Whitney Timmers is the Co-CEO and Creative Innovation Designer at Double Dare Creative Co. Whitney grew up in the mountains of North Georgia, and took an interest in art and typography at a very young age. She first fell in love with typography and design at about six years old while watching the opening credits to all of the Walt Disney classic films. She recalls spending countless hours rendering titles of her own in illustrative styles. Similar to the way the Walt Disney company took art and illustrated graphics and compiled them into movies, Whitney has a knack for harmonizing nostalgic art approaches with today's technology. 

Experience and Education

Whitney has spent the last 11 years in the Marketing and Technology (MarTech) industry where she led and assisted in digital transformations, marketing automation, business process optimizations, brand developments, and digital creative design. Whitney has been expanding her skills, knowledge and connections in the Art and Technology industries since 2007, starting with precollege programs at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Alongside her degree in Marketing, Whitney also has a portfolio degree in Interactive Development from Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA, followed by a fistful of professional certifications from various organizations in the art and technology worlds. Whitney constantly strives to make these worlds collide to drive new ideas and inspiration for Double Dare Creative Co. 

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