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The Gift That Every New Law School Grad Needs

If you have any law school students or grads in your life or have ever come across one on social media, you probably know that they spend approximately 3-5 years after undergrad going through literal hell to get that expensive piece of paper that says they can officially practice law in their state.

While most of them agree that those grueling years of school are totally worth it and they do eventually pay off, it can be rough out there for those in law school, so it’s important for them to feel loved, supported and encouraged by those around them.

To help you out, we carefully crafted a mug with these people in mind and it very quickly became one of our best sellers here at Double Dare Creative.

Whether it’s for a birthday gift, graduation gift or just a “keep going” gift, we’ve got you covered for those that feel completely comfortable using legal jargon in their everyday life.

And yes, it’s inspired by our girl Elle Woods 💁🏼‍♀️

This Legally Blonde mug is sure to put a smile on the face of a law school student that recently passed the bar, is knee deep in studying for finals or even those that have been practicing for years.

Jeff, a recent purchaser of this best seller, said, “My Legally Blonde wife is an attorney and absolutely LOVED this.”

Love to hear it, Jeff 👏🏼

Be like Jeff and give the gift of the year by clicking here.

Cheers ☕️

The Double Dare Team

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