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Summer Sips Series: The Red Dragon Fizz

When I think "Summer", I think of two things: scorching hot days and what beverage I'm going to down to keep me cooled off. With these two things in mind, partnering with Belvoir Fruit Farms for our Summer Sips Series was a no-brainer. Their lemonades? Amazing. Their products? Flawless. The taste? Delectable! The packaging? You already know... 😍 Belvoir offers a pure product with a solid goal: Giving you a completely natural, lovely beverage. And they've nailed it. This time, we gave their Organic Dragonfruit and Raspberry Lemonade a whirl... and man, was that a great choice. Check this out...


Belvoir Fruit Farms' Dragonfruit & Raspberry Lemonade

St. Augustine Distillery Gin (or gin of your choice)

(1) King of Pops Raspberry Lime Popsicle

3-4 Mint Leaves

3-4 n'Ice Cubes


1) We started with a clean, clear glass and tossed in three n'Ice Cubes. Since we were planting a popsicle in this biting beverage, we decided to ditch the regular ice cubes to avoid any extra dilution of the cocktail. (AKA— we wanted to enjoy this tasty drink instead of sipping something that was completely water down.) n'Ice Cubes make the perfect addition for cocktails like this, plus they're completely stainless steel, so they're easy to keep clean!

2) Tuck two mint leaves in next to the n'Ice Cubes.

3) Douse the n'Ice Cubes with 1oz of gin (we used St. Augustine Distillery's handcrafted gin).

3) Plant one King of Pops Raspberry Lime popsicle into the glass.

4) Fill glass with Belvoir Fruit Farms' Organic Dragonfruit and Raspberry Lemonade.

5) Adorn with an additional mint sprig.

Start sipping that Summer heat away! 🍹

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