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S'mores Sesh with Malvi Mallows

It's officially National S'mores Day. Unarguably the best national holiday ever created. So how are we celebrating? With a little s'mores shindig, and of course a cocktail, and not-so-average mallows...

Malvi Mallows are all-natural, handmade cubes of goodness that you just can't get enough of. The flavors aren't just unique; they're amazing. All created in a facility that uses fairy dust, unicorn dreams, and magic sprinkles to make your palate wishes come true. As if stuffing our faces with over 20 packs wasn't enough, we decided to add them to our bevs as well. You gotta try this...

Cotton Candy Coolers

Directions :

Add (1) Malvi Cotton Candy Mallow to each glass.

Douse your mallow with your choice of Moscato, Rosé or Riesling.

Sip accordingly.

These make for the perfect party beverage because they're so simple, unusual and an instant crowd pleaser! Add a tier of Malvi Mallow S'mores to your table to accompany this delicious bev and you have the perfect pairing!

Photos by: Sarah Cooke at Strikes of Luck

S'more Help: Joanne Nyugen & Alex Finley

Mallows: Malvi Mallow

Party Decor: Swoozie's

Photo Studio: Meant Studio

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