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Mean Girls Mugs Your Coffee Cup Collection Is Missing

Will the real Mean Girls fans please stand up?

My sister and I have been Mean Girls obsessed since the teen drama hit theaters in 2004. As I type this I am just now realizing that this movie is 18 years old…

And I quote it as if it just came out yesterday. It’s just so fetch 💁🏼‍♀️

If you’re anything like us and still trying to make fetch happen, you likely have some Mean Girls merch or you’re constantly looking for it.

If you’ve yet to find the perfect Regina George or Gretchen Wieners inspired items, that’s because you haven’t seen the Double Dare Creative Mean Girls coffee cup collection ⬇️

  1. Our hand-lettered lipstick print is the most subtle option that screams Burn Book 💋

  2. Mean Girls is a Christmas movie in our book and nothing gets us in the holiday spirit more than this Glen Coco mug 🎄

  3. The classic Damien quote needed it’s own mug.

  4. For all the cool moms out there that like to pour a little hump day treat 🥂 (this one is always a best seller for Mother’s Day)

  5. Every Mean Girls fan has their favorite Mean Girl. This is for those who always chose Gretchen Wiener’s because her dad was the inventor of Toaster Strudel.

  6. The famous Regina George compliment to give you a boost of motivation as you sip your morning coffee.

  7. And we would be nothing without Janice telling it like it is.

Whichever one you choose, your coffee cup collection is sure to be elevated and will even give you a good laugh on the days you just aren’t feeling it!

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