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It's All For Show

I ran a nationally-recognized brand and an extremely successful creative business while putting on a pretty face. How many other women are out there living in the shadows of domestic abuse?


I've been bitch-slapped, punched, and I've had The Scribble Studio mugs thrown at my head. TMI? Good, then I have your attention:

There are women everywhere that are living in abusive relationships. They're doing it because they're scared to leave, think they can't do better, don't want to deal with the stresses of changing their situation or, the worst of all, have been convinced that they deserve this treatment. None of these are any reasons that validate living this horrific life. For the past five years, I've been in an extremely physical and verbally abusive relationship. And two months ago, I stepped out. There are so many people who know me so well that have said, "Of all people, I can't believe YOU put up with this." But I did. Because I thought I could fix it. I'm a thinker. A dreamer. A doer. And above all, a problem solver. I just love fixing shit so that it works flawlessly– All. The. Time. But what I didn't realize, is that you can't alter the mind of an abuser. They are controlling. They're manipulative. They're liars. And they're intimidated by someone else's success. And just to be clear- I'm not saying I'm the easiest or the most perfect person to be in a relationship with, but I do know what I deserve. Know your worth. To the women still living in an abusive situation - don't read this and keep sitting there. Make your move. This is your time. We're all rooting for you.

So to sum up the question you all have been wanting to know: Why did I change my business name? Because I can't stand behind a brand whose products have been launched at my face in anger and are still continuing to be sold online with designs I created. So please know, if you're purchasing from The Scribble Studio on any online platform, your supporting an abuser who is running a stolen business selling products they did not create. Thank you all for all the support of The Scribble Studio over the past 5 years, but now I give you something truly inspirational, and created from the bottom of my heart... DOUBLE DARE CREATIVE CO.

Click here to see all that Double Dare has to offer and what this re-brand means for our customers!

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