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I Didn't Wear a Traditional Wedding Dress & Here's Why

Many of you may think that I didn't wear a white dress because I already had four children prior to getting married and it "wouldn't seem right to wear white". No, no, no. I wouldn't have EVER worn white. There's this thing I like to do with tradition: I like to throw it completely out the window.

No one gets to make the rules for your life, except you. No one gets to tell you when it's 'time to grow up', or how 'you're supposed to parent', and TOP OF THE LIST: no one gets to tell you 'what to wear on your wedding day'. These are all lessons and choices you get to make.

I believe that you live and you learn. And here's what I've learned: I've never gotten anywhere by following the traditional norms. But, to each their very own. Cheers guys.


Photos Kaley Sullivan |

Venue The Park SSI |

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