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From Vows to Vacay

Honeymooning on Florida's Highways

Florida is known for its sandy hideaways, canopies of palm shade (when you can find them), the roadside stops, sunrises and sunsets, and did I mention it is the optimal state for a roadtrip?

My husband and I got married in the midst of COVID, so a roadtrip seemed oh-so-appropriate. We hit the highways of Florida to spend our honeymoon and here's my top recommendations, whether you're a newlywed or just trying to get away roadtrip style:

  1. Bring Your Own Car (BYOC) or Rent a Car There's nothing like cruising down A1A and sneaking peeks of the amazing combinations of teal and aqua waters or passing through the Everglades to try to spot some wildlife.

  2. Upgrade to the Convertible If you do decide to rent a car, upgrade to the convertible. You won't be sorry (unless you forget to apply sunscreen, then you might be...)

  3. Look for the Unique Airbnbs with Awesome Amenities I found while looking for places for us to stay, that there were TONS of Airbnbs with truly unique and amazing amenities (at no extra charge of course!) and they were surprisingly, very affordable. I will say, I dedicated a few hours to browsing through Airbnb to find the ones that checked all the boxes (and then some!) and it was absolutely worth the extra time it took to pinpoint the best ones.

  4. Only Book the Hotels You Can't Live Without There were a couple of hotels that were on my 'places to stay' bucket list and those ended being the only hotels we booked. Only go with the ones that are going to give you FOMO later if you don't stay there, those are always the ones that are worth it. As for the rest, make a reservation, go have a drink or eat dinner and soak it all in from the bottom (sometimes the top) floor.

  5. Rent Bikes Whenever You Can There are so many islands, and fun hideaways with amazing bike trails. There's nothing like pedaling to put your feet in the sand and feeling a breeze along the way. Not to mention, bikes are usually a really cheap way to travel around when you want to ditch the car for a bit.

  6. Catch As Many Sunsets as Possible With so many of Florida's gulf coast cities having truly AMAZING and jaw-dropping sunsets, I encourage you to chase as many as possible. If you're on the Atlantic side, don't skip out on the early morning rise, you'll be sorry if you do. The sunrises will leave you smitten and ready to adventure around.

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