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DIY: Celery Valentine Cards in 8 Simple Steps

What You’ll Need: 1 celery stalk per child Red & pink acrylic paints (or colors of your choice) 8.5”x11” blank white cardstock Sharpie metallic markers Peanut butter, ranch or a dipping sauce of your choice

  1. Cut the celery stalk about 1”-2” from the bottom. This should leave remains of various curved pieces. Your goal in this is to create a stamping effect that looks similar to a rose.

  2. Squirt a quarter-sized amount of your chosen paints on a paper plate or another surface that you don’t mind getting messy.

  1. Use the extra celery as a snack while you create. This is great paired with peanut butter, ranch or Italian dressing.

  2. Fold your piece of 8.5”x11” cardstock in half (hamburger-style) so it has a card effect. Choose which side you’d like to make your stamping side.

  1. Dip the cut end of the celery into the first paint color of your choice. Use your paper plate or other surface to do some practice stamping and to remove some of the extra paint from your celery end. Once you’ve done 1-2 pre-stamps, apply the celery end to your cardstock with pressure. More pressure will create a more filled-in look and less pressure will create more of a stamped effect.

  2. If you’d like to switch paints during this process and don’t want to mix your paints together, simply run your celery end under cool water to remove the previous paint color.

  3. After you’re done stamping, allow 1 hour for your masterpiece to dry.

  4. Use your metallic Sharpie to write a sweet message on your card. This marker can be used to write over top of the paint or in a small corner with little to no paint.

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