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There's an 'I' in Adulting, But There's No 'I am'

I frequently get called a "child", or people say I'm "such a kid", and my favorite of all is when people in their mid-thirties ask me my age and then respond with, "Aw! You're just a baby still." They're not wrong.

Here are the 5 reasons I refuse to 'grow up':

#1 NAPS This list could literally begin and end here. Aren't naps the one thing we all seriously miss from childhood? (Other than ring pops and big gulps, of course.) I'll never, EVER give up naps. They're too good and so necessary.

#2 Backpacks over Briefcases

I work in the digital marketing world, a world where just about everyone carries a briefcase (or pulls a briefcase on wheels...OMG) and I refuse to carry anything other than a backpack.

#3 Chasing Dreams is Better than Meeting Deadlines I'd rather scheme and plot achievements than meet rigorous deadlines on things that aren't that cool or important. It sounds silly, but it's so true. #4 I Feel Closer to My Kids If I never leave childhood, I'll never feel like I have to relive it, and I can focus on giving my kids a great one.

#5 The Genuine Creativity

I owe a lot of the creativity that goes into my design and illustrations to my childish mind. There are constantly colorful, exaggerated, bold, and sometimes, ridiculous ideas, but they're always engaging and interesting.

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