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A Candyland Christmas

I normally have my Christmas theme planned in August. This year, not so much. I couldn't decide what avenue to take. So a few days after Thanksgiving, I headed to Goodwill to "look around" (AKA - spend $80 on old decor to DIY). While I was there, I had a cart that was full of tons of random items when I stumbled upon an old Candyland board game. In the box, it barely had any of the cards/pieces, but I didn't care. I immediately thought, "THIS is my Christmas theme." I literally took everything that was in the cart out and put it all back. This was like 26 items - no joke. And I immediately started going through the store and looking for anything retro-colored or anything that I could spray paint to look retro and colorful.

After I left, I went home and grabbed my craft box with intentions of DIY-ing every ornament and utilizing the never-ending box of felt and styrofoam balls that I had been housing for 3 years or so. A few hours (& several glasses of wine) later, I had enough ornaments and DIYed decor to transform the living room into a colorful candy Christmas wonderland. It's my favorite theme to date, and a full 360 from last year's succulent, galvanized metal and terrarium theme. What do you guys think?

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