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Moon + Stars Mule featuring Belvoir Fruit Farms

One of my all-time favorite summer sips is a Moscow Mule. SO, I started re-inventing the wheel the figure out how to make a mule to enjoy during this month's eclipse (Monday, August 21st!). And well, it's fantastic. When creating this delicious concoction, I made a list of the ingredients that I thought would be delicious in the drink and what would make it somewhat different than your average mule. While ginger beer and bitters were still in the cards, I added a blueberry and lavender simple syrup instead of lime or lime juice. I opted vodka over rum for the sake of everything blending together in a more graceful way. However, these weren't just any old brands of these products chosen to create this crazy drink. I hand-picked each component of this drink and they are all hand-crafted, small batch and small businesses that have an amazing product. Check it out...

Moon + Stars Mule Place 2-3 Lavender Infused Ice Cubes in Glass

Combine in a Shaker :

2 oz. Small Batch Vodka from St. Augustine Distillery

1 oz. Belvoir Fruit Farms Ginger Beer

1 oz. Sallie's Greatest Blueberry + Lavender Simple Syrup

2-3 drops of Fee Brothers Bitters

Shake accordingly

Pour over Lavender Ice Cubes

Garnish with a Lavender Sprig

Happy Sipping!

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