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A Girls Guide To Greenville (FREE!) Printable Map

I'm a designer, an illustrator and a digital marketing strategist for a living. One thing I love is helping people + places thrive... ESPECIALLY when they have something amazing to offer. This time, I'm talking about #yeahTHATgreenville.

I came up with the idea for #AGirlsGuideToGreenville when I was making bachelorette weekend after bachelorette weekend invitations for ladies who were bringing their bridal gang to Greenville to celebrate their upcoming nuptials (I have done 22 total). They all ask me to do a cute little illustration of Greenville (you have no idea how many times I've drawn Greenville while trying to make each one look a little different! It's a tough gig, you guys) and then put a cute saying like, "Greenville before the Vows" or something to that nature. Then, they'll all ask me where the bridal party should go while they're in Greenville. Before I knew it, I'm drawing maps to point them to the places they shouldn't skip out on while they're here.

Then comes A Girls Guide to Greenville, I put together a list of spectacular Greenville stops + shops and hit them all in one day while taking over VisitGreenvilleSC's Instagram. This list is places I go pretty much regularly or occasionally for something special. You can find that map here. Print as many as you'd like and share them with friends and family afar to convince them that visiting Greenville is ALWAYS a good idea.

More shares from A Girls Guide To Greenville coming soon!

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