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A Girls Guide to Greenville


It was the best of times, it was the most awesome of times, it was the age of all things local. I would like to say this is a tale of two cities, but it's only about one—the one and only—#yeahTHATgreenville.

I peeled myself away from my bed on an early (4:30am) Wednesday morning and pulled on my yoga pants and a tank that read "Mermaid Hair, Salty Air" because, Summer. The first day of Summer, to be exact. I tamed my hair with a quick top knot, snatched up my mat and took off to the car. And the day began...

5:45AM | Soul Yoga

I started the day with a 60 minute Power Flow hot yoga session at Soul Yoga—nothing gets my day going and my brain moving like some yoga, especially hot yoga. (All the 'yassss'es.)

Sweet and spontaneous Sarah, from Strikes of Luck, met me here, and we dove right into the digital day of taking over Visit Greenville's Instagram account. Sarah tagged along with me from this moment and caught all of the this gal-on-Greenville action from the other side of her Nikon D3100. Moving on...

7:30AM | Southern Pressed Juicery

After yoga, hydration was no. 1 on the brain. What better way to quench than Southern Pressed? Some of my favorite juices are made here. They're unbelievably fresh, replenishing and detoxifying. My dreams come through when I walk through these door on W. Washington Street. Sometimes trying to choose between a juice and one of their smoothies is like trying to choose between Bradley Cooper and Michael Bublé. In which case you wouldn't choose. You would just. take, both. Same scenario applies here.

8:00AM | Happy + Hale

Because we all need a breakfast kick that isn't going to leave us feeling guilty from the beginning of the day. For that, there's Happy + Hale. A glorious, green gesture of kindness to your rumbling appetite, This place is deliciously fresh, and absolutely adorable in a retro/minimalist/all the things I want to Snapchat about kind of way. They too, have a spectacular selection of local juices and a great staff behind the counter. Something healthy is usually always followed by something sweet. And that's exactly what happened here.

9AM | Circa Doughnut Pop-Up at Spill The Beans

Just say the word 'doughnut' and I'll be there in two seconds. But say the words 'Circa Doughnut' and I'll be there immediately. These guys are a boot-strappin', make things happen kind of business. These doughnuts are ridiculously delicious, distinct, and deserving of a visit from all of you. They're always poppin' up all over Greenville! It's the coolest thing. If you want to know where they're at, just stalk their Instagram.... or be a little less creepy and check the schedule on their site.

9:30AM | M. Judson Booksellers & Storytellers and The Chocolate Moose

This is legitimately a two birds, one stone situation. You have novels, never-ending novelties, and the nectar of the Gods: coffee. Oh, and cake pops. And cookies. And any other amazing confection you can think of. M. Judson is right smack in the middle of all of the Greenville downtown bustle, but once you walk through the doors of this darling little bookstore, you're in your own land of stories and sweets. It's a downtown must!

10AM | Swamp Rabbit Inn

When your feet won't take you there fast enough, a flower-filled, balloon-adorned bike surely will. Swamp Rabbit Inn is one of my favorite places in Greenville. I live here, so I don't stay there often, but if I didn't, I'd be booking a room at this bona fide bed & breakfast every weekend.

1) It's convenient to everything.

2) It's adorable.

3) The owners are precious.

4) They have BIKES!

5) They have Truck Inn Tuesdays.

.....Enough said? Nope, The Bike Shed at Swamp Rabbit Inn "houses" their awesome rental bikes ($15 for 4 hours. What!? Where they do that at?! Amazing.) Don't take my word for it. Just go see for yourself.

10:40AM | Dress Up

All of the boutiques in all the towns...

Dress Up has been a long time favorite of mine since before I even moved to Greenville. They have the cutest, curated clothing lines and styles! I can also appreciate a boutique that's easy to maneuver my way through when I'm looking for something specific! Plus, they typically have a great sale happening... And on this specific day, all sandals were $16! So lets just say I didn't leave empty-handed...

11:30AM | Westin Poinsett Hotel

For starters, the history this hotel holds is just uncanny. The interior conserves the fountainhead of its youth, while the outside portrays a contemporary and classy feel. The whole place just makes you feel exquisite. And can we chat about this rooftop? The views, the vintage signage and the vividly white surface makes for a genuine 'wow' factor. It's the perfect venue and the ideal backdrop for any wedding. If you're engaged and you're on your bridal search, pay this little place a visit! It's centerfold in Greenville's downtown area. The epitome of your Pinterest wedding board.

11:50AM | The Village Grind

This is my spot. The steamy, smooth sips, the natural light, the great company... It's all one big melting pot of community seeking one common thing: the quintessential coffeehouse. And The Village Grind exceeds my thoughts and ideas of the quintessential coffee shop. The ambience is nothing other than amazing. You'll come for the cozy space, linger for the coffee and stay for the community that warmly welcomes you here.

12PM | Sixpence Salon & Spa

This place is amazing! The ladies here are all so talented. They offer an array of beautification— from cuts to color, to blow-outs and brow shaping to pedicures and primping. They do it all. Emily had me lookin' like a new girl in less than 45 minutes. The shop itself is incredible, from the rustic ceilings to the raw and fragmented wall. The nostalgia mixed with a bit of modern whimsy is what makes this place such a show-stopper. Plus, it's an insanely large shop. Big enough for a bride tribe to gather for pedis, updos and bottle-poppin'.... wink, wink!

1:45PM | Megan Diez Salon on the River

Raechel blows my mind with her nail skills. They're out of this world. She's ridiculously talented. I'm not really sure how you would illustrate on such a small surface! Nevertheless, she exceeds my ideas and expectations EVERY time. This time around I left with flamingo and palm leaf nails. Perfect for Summer!

2:30PM | The White Magnolia Bridal

Stepping into this bridal shop right off the downtown Greenville sidewalk was just mesmerizing. Up the stairs above the bustling streets is the most quaint and perfect bridal shop with the most precious manager ever, Johna. She's knowledgeable, honest and above all, excited about what she does. Dress after dress lines the exposed brick walls and natural light floods the entire room. Johna told us about White Magnolia and what I loved the most was that each bride-to-be gets so much one-on-one. When they book their appointment, they are the only ones in the shop. So they can talk about their big day, make a flawless dress decision and share that special moment with the guests they chose to bring with them. It's more than a bridal shop, it's an opportunity to create a lasting memory.

2:50PM | Monkee's of the West End

Holy land of baubles! All of the colorful, whimsy items, full of character can be found at Monkee's. Your outfits deserve a little something extra and the finds at Monkee's can taking you from wearing a normal, everyday outfit to sporting something distinct and eye-catching. The assortment of earrings are my favorite! 1) They're all the colors of the rainbow. 2) They're odd, but adorable. 3) They give your ensemble the extra flair without being too dramatic. Monkee's is the only place in Greenville that carries Baublebar accessories and that in itself is a reason enough to drop in.

3:45PM | Nose Dive

A pit stop for drinks was in order after all the shopping that happened at Monkee's. We dropped by Nose Dive, but this time we went upstairs to their collectively designed bar: Crafted. Cool concoctions, cold brews, and chill company! The nostalgic overhead bar makes you want to kick back and stay a while, and that's exactly what we did. One Bulletproof Monk & a Chachi Smash? later, I took off to one of my favorite breweries...

4:30PM | Birds Fly South Ale Project

A true farmhouse brewery! Birds Fly South is located in the reclaimed Hampton Station. Its rustic charm, delectable brews and overwhelmingly awesome brewers and beertenders will make you never want to leave. It's totally pet (and kid!) friendly. Which is amazing for any kind of parent.