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10 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Your Kids

1) Pick up some festive books! Here are some of our favorites:

· Dragons Love Tacos

· Chicks and Salsa

· Cinco de Mouse-o!

· El Perro con Sombrero

· Mango, Abuela, and Me

2) Create flashcards of interesting things from Mexico to show your child items from the Spanish culture!

3) Teach your child some simple Spanish words and phrases:

· Hello = Hola

· Goodbye = Adios

· Please = Por favor

· Thank you = Gracias

· You’re welcome = De nada

· How are you? = ¿Cómo estás?

· Good = Bien

· Yes = Si

· No = No

4) Give your child some maracas, turn on Pandora’s Cinco de Mayo radio, and let them dance to some festive tunes!

5) Make a Mexican spread for dinner! Here’s a great kid-friendly Chicken Paella recipe to get you started. Don’t forget the tortilla chips and salsa!

6) Make Paletas for dessert. They’re super simple and delicious. Pick your favorite one here!

7) Make your own Papel Picado banner! There’s a great DIY video here.

8) Grab a donkey piñata and pack it full of healthy snacks. Then let your child take a whack at it! You can find the traditional rainbow donkey piñata at your local Party City.

9) Make your own Mexican salsa! Let your child accompany you to the grocery store to pick out the ingredients. You can also bottle up any extra and save it for a snack later! Just be sure to keep it refrigerated.

10) Create your own cactus art! Put out some construction paper, watercolor or acrylic paints and let your child draw their own cactus. Then, show them how to use tooth picks to dip into the paint and draw the small prickles on their cactus creation. BONUS: Turn on the movie Coco on Amazon Prime while you create your colorful cacti!

Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to introduce your child to another culture and give them the opportunity to be creative!


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