For the Love of Charcuterie

My charcuterie craze led me to turn my living room into a life-size cheese board for my birthday...

Also known as a grazing table. It was amazing. But we'll get to that in a minute. When I started thinking about having some friends over for my birthday, I immediately started thinking about food. Because, what else really matters? (Besides booze of course, don't forget the booze.)

Anyway, when I was contemplating food choices, I started thinking about all the times I have someone over or any time I go to a friend's house to hang out. Their main question is always: "Are we doing wine and lots of cheese?" The correct answer to this is always yes. After reflecting on that aspect, the food decision was pretty easy.

And que the endless Pinterest searches... There were a few things that were definite ideas: #1 RUSTIC #2 CHEESE #3 WINE #4 CANDLES

How complicated could it be, right?

I reached out to a friend of mine who owns, Alexander's, a store that has (quite literally) "EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN" in North Georgia. I knew they were bound to have some shipping pallets lying around, and I was right. A few days later, I had my uncle go by and pick them up and bring them over to my house. And for some reason, I had SERIOUSLY underestimated how heavy shipping pallets are. To get myself truly motivated and inspired by the theme, I started designing the invitation itself. I envisioned it to be something whimsical, but still rustic and something that really encompassed the word "carouse" (AKA- a noisy, lively drinking party).

After that, it was all grocery store trips, booze runs, and a lot of digging through my basement for rustic table elements and dainty props. And praising myself for meaningless past Goodwill purchases. The result?

#cheese #wine #charcuterie #parties #party #celebrate

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