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Ages +

1)      Pick up some festive books! Here are some of our favorites:

·       Dragons Love Tacos

·       Chicks and Salsa

·       Cinco de Mouse-o!

·       El Perro con Sombrero

·       Mango, Abuela, and Me


I’m not sure about other families, but in our family, there is nothing better than a party. Any party – a movie release party, a dinner party, a car party and especially, a bathtub party. Since my kids were little, I have always made a big deal of birthdays, holidays,...

What You’ll Need: 

1 celery stalk per child 
Red & pink acrylic paints (or colors of your choice) 
8.5”x11” blank white cardstock 
Sharpie metallic markers 
Peanut butter, ranch or a dipping sauce of your choice

  1. Cut the celery stalk about 1”-2” from the bottom. Thi...

National Spaghetti Day brings an entirely new realm of fun to everyone’s favorite night of the week: spaghetti night!

In our house, spaghetti is always a win, and for a few reasons. First of all, I know my kids are always going to finish their dinner. Second, it’s quick...

My name is Whitney Barnard, and I gave my kids ice cream for breakfast. It’s true; and I ate it, too. You know that “rule book” on mothering we all mentally refer to and none of us actually know who wrote it? The one that’s holding us all to a certain standard as moms,...