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Becoming Double Dare Creative

At the age of 21, Whitney turned her favorite pastime into a profession. Previously known as The Scribble Studio, it all started with an Etsy shop. When Whitney first opened her Etsy shop in July of 2014, she only sold art prints, but this quickly spiraled into a line of lifestyle products that found themselves beyond pages of her online Etsy shop.


By 2016, Whitney's products and designs hit the shelves of top-tier retailers like Macy's, Barnes & Noble, Hallmark, and Anthropologie–to name a few–when she decided it was time to open up a wholesale division.


Today, Whitney licenses and distributes her art to brand agencies so her art's dynamic abilities of fitting more than one product can be achieved and continue to occupy the shelves of top-tier retailers globally. Meanwhile, Whitney's husband, Daniel, runs the retail and wholesale divisions of Double Dare Creative Co. by overseeing order fulfillment, product quality, and brand consistency across multiple eCommerce platforms for the company's niche and original product, coffee mugs. 

Products and Process

With a keen focus on the company's historically best-selling product, Whitney and Daniel work together to digitally transform Whitney's art into coffee mug designs for every event, occasion or feeling. Much like the company's trademarked mantra, Double Dare Creative Co. hones in on mugs for the moment

"Whatever tool I go with–pencil, paintbrush, iPad–are all so heavily impacted by what the outcome of the designs looks like in my head. It's funny, as much as I love innovation and futurism, I can just as quickly flip the script and pull out all the nostalgic stops. And I think having those two head spaces, that I can move back and forth between, keeps me constantly inspired and motivated."

Whitney Timmers

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